The Crownless Queen

The crystal's illusion

Session 3

Session 3

January 12 2013

Patrick, Iris
John, Alastor
Nick, Alisha
Kevin, Gavin
Chris, Grim

Gideon, Gm and Jason Npc

The players were on a rescue mission to retrieve Vanessa who had been kidnapped by a group of cloaked bandits. They found themselves in a strange cave that seemed to be completely made of magic. Inside they found the chief counselor to The Lord of Dranwell, who told them Dranwell was in imminent danger, and that they must move quickly. Clearly more than just Vanessa was at stake. The cave was fraught with illusions if all kind, beasts never before seen, and a large imprisoned troll. Often things were not what they seemed, including the chief counselor himself, who turned out to be a powerful wizard who tricked them to this place as a diversion. Using the power of a giant crystal, this place had entirely been an illusion placed around the ruins of old Dranwell castle. After destroying the crystal, all returned to normal, but it was too late, Dranwell had been usurped by the wizard and his group. Many questions remain unanswered, but not much can be done…yet.



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