The Crownless Queen

Tracking the Money Cow

Session 1

The following players were present and playing the following characters for the session:

Gideon Alastor
Patrick Jason
Chris Sithel
Nick Iris
Ryan Cinder
Kevin Vanessa
John Gavon

The session was GMed by me, Bill.

They started off in Honeyvale, with everyone but Alastor starting at the adventurer’s guild. Alastor is making his way there, searching for his cousin Iris to congratulating him on passing his wizard test. On his way there a farmer runs by, and goes charging into the door of the fairly quiet adventurer’s guild. He starts ranting about how his magical cow is stolen, and after a bit of reluctance, and Alastor joining the group, they decide to set off for farmer David’s farm to further investigate the incident.

Once there, they discover two things – tracks leading away from the farmer’s barn which Jason identifies to number between 3 and 8 people, plus one cow, and in the barn they find a bucket of what Iris identifies to be alchemical silver, which they deduce to be the cow’s product. They follow the tracks and come to the Westwood.

The group hears a sound, and Jason, Sithel and Vanessa all sneak to the front and check out what is going on. There is a group of people up ahead that can be heard. One of the party members is too loud, and the people ahead go quiet, and shout to find out where the noise is coming from. There is a tense 20-30 secounds where they’re looking for the party, until finally a pair of bandits can be seen coming out of the trees. Quickly combat is bridged, with one enemy being slain, and two enemies fleeing the scene. The party takes a prisoner at the end of the combat, and uses him to give chase. They discover at the camp site fresh wagon tracks leading away. Cinder the barbarian, Alastor the sorcerer and Jason the ranger give extended chase, and Cinder eventually runs up behind the wagon, climbs on, and with a great leap bludgeons the driver, and brings the wagon to a halt.

Alastor and Jason catch up, and bring the wagon back to the party. Alastor accidentally destroys a book when he tries to open it in his hands, and finds half of a pair of magical bracelets. They all bring the wagon back to the farmer, forgetting to deal with the bandits they defeated in the woods who are stabilized and looted. Alastor takes the unconscious wizard to the sheriff and collect a reward. Jason and Cinder take the horses. Sithel asks the farmer for a walking stick as a reward, and back at the adventurer’s guild Alastor divies up the reward money to everyone but Iris, using Iris’s money to buy a round for everyone.

Total bandits slain: 1
Total bandits defeated: 6
Total black market wizards turned over to the authorities: 1
Total magical cows saved: 1

Stephen has agreed to GM the next session, December the 15th.



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