Alastor Helthane

A Curious Sorcerer


6’1", blonde haired, green eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

Often wears a tidy outfit, complete with collar, polished buckles, and finer fabrics. When adventuring, he wears a navy blue, hooded woolen cloak.

Strong, and with refined looks, and often smiling.

Often avoids combat, only choosing to get involved when he feels his magic will make a difference. Would rather not get his hands dirty with any actual physical engagement. Will wait for a long time in battle to make sure he is most effective.

Bright and charming, Alastor is the definition of a group’s front man, but he’d rather be in front talking to a mayor, not battling with a dragon.

Chaotic good Sorcerer, no particular religion.


Often regarded as a queer, or eccentric man, Alastor is nonetheless charming in his own way. As a child he would often appeal to the senses and sensibilities of those older than him, and he would often spark jealousy in those of his own peer group. As such, he found himself engaged more often in interaction with those older than himself, and as a result, grew in maturity faster than those around him. The drawback to this, was that he experienced a complete social disconnect with his peer group.

As he grew in age, strange things would often happen around Alastor. People would find sudden wealth, individuals that crossed him would come down with bizarre ailments, and once a tree almost fell on him, only to be obliterated by a blast of lightning from the sky – on a clear, starry night. It became apparent to the young man that he was of a magical blood line, and over time, he grew into understanding his own potential.

From a wealthy family, his father is always out on travel, making business deals across nations, and his mother is a bit of a snob on their estate. Alastor has long since left the home, and is rather more interested in adventuring and learning about the world first hand. He had a tutor, Klem, who taught him extremely well on social etiquette, general mannerisms, and how to handle himself with strangers, and in business, as a proper gentleman. Alastor was a great student, diligent in his work.

Alastor has always had an easy time with the ladies he meets, but never is able to fully follow up on the opportunities he finds himself in. It could be argued he’s looking for something more, but that something more may not necessarily be a woman.

In a party, Alastor is quiet and a bit aloof. He’s very cordial, friendly, and interesting to strangers, but when he’s around those who already know him, his eccentricities creep out, and his reclusive nature manifests. As such, he is fairly understanding when people just suddenly disengage with him, feeling he has no one to blame but himself for the awkward or unpleasant conversations and interactions.

Alastor has the following quirks:
- Changes the conversation focus suddenly without any reasonable transition.
- Compliments people on things he suddenly notices. While almost always well received, these compliments are issued without any discernible prompting.
- Eats his food in sections, and dislikes things touching on a plate. Will ask for his food to be re-plated if it isn’t served properly, or plated on separate dishes in the first place.
- Always tips for any service or product he obtains, a minimum of 15%, and as much as 50% for great service.
- Never haggles.

GM Note: It may read that I’m alluding to Alastor being a homosexual. I’m not. I’m suggesting he just doesn’t find much comfort from people in general.

Alastor Helthane

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