Alicia Stormguard

Sunfire Paladin of Sarenrae


5’6", auburn hair, brownish-hazel eyes, light tan skin.

Typically wearing white clothing with red trim, and often has her armor on, polished and tidy.

Is calm and capable in combat, well versed in her practice forms, and very capable with the scimitar, her blade of choice. Always willing to stand at the front line, that others need not have to.

Alicia is very polite with people, but is hesitant to let anyone in too close, lest they reveal how shallow she is in her faith. She makes an exception for Vanessa, who is incredibly close to her, and she dotes on like a big sister.

Lawful Good Paladin of Sarenrae.


As the only child born of a family of well-known nobles, Alicia Stormguard started off in life with a fairly heavy set of expectations placed on her. It was preached to Alicia from an early age that she would do well to be self-dependent, studious, and capable enough to handle herself independently in all the tasks she faced. She excelled.

She surpassed all expectations across all tasks placed before her. It wasn’t that these tasks were trivial, but rather it was Alicia’s own determination that advanced her in these efforts. She would work tirelessly, enduring efforts that would make a normal person ill. Her willpower and determination allowed her to press on. She was always in pursuit of perfection, always advancing to the next task, always refusing to be stopped in her quest for perfect.

Her family of course was overjoyed at the efforts she endured, and pushed her on steadily. They were unable to present enough of a challenge to Alicia though, and over time she slowly grew increasingly restless. Finally, at age 18, she made a decision.

“I’m going to join the Sunfire Paladins.”

One simple sentence threw her entire household into pure and utter chaos. The Sunfire Paladins, an order of Sarenrae, an order that sought good in the land, not self promotion. She was choosing to abandon her family, her wealth, her comfort, her very heritage – all for what? To pursue a god that she found fit for service. To walk with the poor, the weak, the inadequate. To redeem the evil, the twisted, the foul of the world. To seek justice, light, and the cleansing fire of that which is holy.

Alicia would most readily be described by her friends as “reliable”. She is one who always puts others around her first, even to her own detriment. Bright, insightful, and capable, one could say the only thing she lacks are actual shortcomings. Her need to always do the right thing can wear some down, and can make her unbearable, but she does her best to accommodate others when necessary.

Though loathe to ever admit it, even to herself, Alicia’s motivation is to challenge both herself and her faith. She has reservations about how great her goddess really is. She wants validation in her efforts, and proof that the powers of the divine are real. She works tirelessly toward that goal, and constantly challenges herself to exceed the expectations of those around her. As such, she can often overextend herself in the number of tasks she takes on, and can be a bit too authoritative with others in her pursuit of greater closeness to the divine.

Alicia Stormguard

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