Barbarian Chief of the fallen Maulfire tribe


6’5" black hair, dark brown eyes, and a rough beard on his tanned face.

Often wears leather hide and tough, tan colored linen.

A true beast in combat, Cinder is capable of rending his enemies into pieces and is relentless in his pursuit of victory. He can be calm and restrained outside of combat, but once the stopper on his rage is opened, there is no stopping him until the last foe is felled.

Cinder is very polite, and in a weird way noble outside of combat. He is genial, and honorable above all else.

Chaotic Good Barbarian.


The son of Ember, the son of Graystorm, the son of the greatest chief of the Maulfire clan, Maulfire himself. Cinder is the last in a line of great Drakeling plain barbarians. A scant year ago, he witnessed the fall of his tribe to gnolls. His father, Ember, died before his eyes as he cast Cinder into the Westwood River, and when Cinder finally was able to swim ashore and return to his tribe, not a man was left standing.

He was picked up, cold and alone, and taken to Honeyvale by a young woman. He is currently residing at the Green Lapis Inn.


The Crownless Queen Lyim