Elaina Taletaker

Guild Bard


5’6", blonde, wavy hair, blue eyes, light skin.

Dressed lazily, often wearing something warm, soft to the touch, Elaina is often dressed in browns and blues. She wears glasses. She often has on well traveled brown boots, and when she wears a cloak, it’s almost always black, with a black cap to go with it. She does have a blue cloak, but she tends only to wear it for special occassions.

Elaina has a silky soft voice, that draws people in to listen. It commands quiet, and she uses it to great effect when she tells stories. She can raise it to fury and anger, or drop it into sorrow and weakness. Her tales are ones that people can’t help but want to listen to. She rarely sings, but when she does it is almost supernatural.

Elaina does not engage in combat if she can help it.

A bit distant, but capable of excellent communication. The thing she probably shares best with her sister is the ability to listen.

Lawful Neutral Bard of no particular religion, but some what favors Irori.


Raised by her aunt, Elaina never really attempted to get into either of the family businesses. Instead she was completely wrapped up in reading. Stories sparked her imagination, tales and legends inspired her. She would lose herself in her books, shouting out cries of elation or whimpers of fear as the stories contained within gripped her and pulled her into a different world.

When she reached an age where she needed to begin work, she went to work at the town book shop, the Butterfly Bookshop. There she fell in love with books and stories anew, but this time it was through the act of sharing them with others. She learned how to tell epic tales, and sing the songstories of old. She learned one of her greatest joys, reading to children, and does so regularly, when she is in town. When she isn’t in town, Elaina is always on the hunt for new lore, new stories, new information and a greater understanding of the world. Either her nose is in a book or her ears are taking in stories, as often as she can. She ends up learning quite a bit more than just stories this way.

Along her travels, Elaina ended up joining an adventuring guild. She has no great love for musical instruments, but in the songs are stories, and in the stories are worlds she loves. Among the guild she has all the stories she needs, all the safety to travel, and she’s a good bit handy with a short bow.

Elaina’s greatest shortfall is her own beauty. Unlike her sister, Rosana, she’s oblivious to it. This often gets her into trouble with men, but not by any effort on her part. If Rosana is the fox, Elaina is a songbird, always out of reach, a beauty to admire from afar.

Elaina Taletaker

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