Gavon Coralstar

A Greataxe Fighter


6’0", dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

Dressed in greens and black, with a bandanna tied to keep his hair out of his eyes. Always has his greataxe in tow.

Ready to step up on the lines, and prefers to drag a fight out, as his endurance will allow him to outlast any foe.

Friendly and jovial out of combat, enjoying the company of friends and family alike.

Neutral Good Fighter, easy-going follower of Sarenrae.


Gavon is the light, fluffy personality you don’t get from Iris. He’s jovial, warm, and a bit soft at times. He’s the first to cheer and holler in excitement, and probably the first one to cry in sorrow. He’s honest, open, and pretty much what you see is what you get.

He is a bit slow at times, but with a bit of time, his plodding mind will come to the right conclusion. He loves his brother Iris greatly, and has been through much with him. He carries a dark secret about Iris in his heart, that he would rather die than share with another. Such is the bond of a brother.

Gavon is always quick to step into a problem, and always happy to help those who ask him to help. He’s strong, quick on his feet, and bears an almost inhuman grace with how quickly he can move his large frame around. He can twirl and wield his greataxe with effortless ease, and with a tremendous smash, he can send it crashing through foes. Gavon is a do first, think second type of person, and while that can sometimes get him into trouble, he would never impulsively do something that might hurt someone.

Gavon Coralstar

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