Druid of the Fiery Howl


5’5", brown eyes, black hair, mottled brown skin.

Half-elf, wearing green clothes with black accents.

Is fine with combat, comfortable both in hand to hand and in ranged combat. Isn’t as quick as he used to be, but still capable of doing a healthy bit of damage to a foe. Easily has the most combat experience of anyone in the group, and uses his knowledge well.

Grim knows how to deal with people, and knows how to deal without people. He doesn’t need anyone, but isn’t going to leave anyone who wants him around in the lurch.

Neutral Good Druid, worships Sarenrae primarily and Erastil secondarily, but with respect.


Grim, or “Ben Spar” as he is known near Honeyvale, is a man with a long, and at times challenging past. He was once a great defender of the wood, powerful and knowledgeable in the ways of the natural world. He would fight plagues, evil, undead beings, divine crusaders looking to cut a path through his lands, and troublesome, lilting faeries, who would disrupt people and tease them and taunt them in his woods. He dealt with these problems steadily over the years, and grew greatly as a sage of the forest. Over time though, he began to grow complacent, and as he grew very familiar with the Westwood, he changed. He settled down into the comforts of a home, and even met a woman who he could spend his time with in peace. The woods themselves also settled down, and became a place of simple peacefulness.

With such behavior, comes a steady loss of druidic power, druidic knowledge, and druidic capability. It wasn’t such a terribly big deal to Grim, as he’d lived his life well, and knew he could rest peacefully in a home with his wife.

Until she died of course.

It was a cold, cruel death. Disease plagued her, a foul sort that ate at the body as much as it ate at the mind. In her last days, wheezing and worn, she pleaded with him, half crazed with mania, to save her. Grim, the Druid of the Fiery Howl would have been able to heal her with little strain, but Ben Spar the simple hunter could do little but stand by her side and watch the love of his life waste away into nothingness.

Grim is a great hunter, often entering into the woods and slaying animals that he feels are out of balance in the order of things. The humans of Honeyvale, nearly half a century ago, hunted almost every wolf of the Westwood to extinction. Grim keeps the deer population in check, and isn’t afraid to take on the spirit of the missing packs of wolves in the forest to set things in balance.

Grim is loathe to let someone who is suffering go without aid. He is constantly reminded of the dangers of letting himself sit idle, and in his free time he spends much of his efforts meditating, reflecting, and training to restore his powers to their former greatness. From the moment his wife passed on, Grim vowed to spend every day after that growing, rather than receding, and to push his potential upward that he may never spend another day in regret.


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