Iris P. Coralstar III

Dastardly Wizard Extraordinaire


5’11", pale skinned, unsettlingly lime green eyes, white hair.

Always wearing a grey robe, with the hood up to cover his eyes from onlookers.

Keeps to himself, often reading or relaxing. Always thinking.

Avoids combat, and when hard pressed, would rahter send someone else in to take care of the problem.

Genius intellect, weak in strength, always sickly, often raspy voiced.

True Neutral Wizard of Nethys.


“Iris P. Coralstar III, Dastardly Wizard Extraordinaire, at your service! There is hardly a spell I can’t magick up or a problem I can’t solve! One doesn’t doubt me, lest they doubt themselves. To challenge me on anything is a surefire way to prove your own inadequacy.”

“My family is an ancient one, going all the way back to the great King, Elrec Silversun. My nobility clearly shines through in all of my actions.”

“I’m a veritable genius, and I’m definitely brighter than all you sorry sods. However, I know you need me, so I’ll stick it out, and help you groundlings get through this life. There has yet to be a problem I’ve faced that I haven’t solved with my brilliant mind. Just make sure you compensate me for my efforts.”

“I do have some,” cough “relative,” cough “short comings, but that’s all relative. I always believe it is best to mask your weaknesses, by never getting caught out in those situations. That way, they aren’t really weaknesses.” cough

“My brother, Gavon, he’s a tough sort, and we’ve always gotten on well. It is rare that we leave one another’s side.”

“As for my cousin, Alastor…well, he’s clearly the odd one in the family. No bloodline is pure all the way through after all. He makes a pass at what he calls ‘magic’ but that paltry set of parlor tricks are really all he can muster up. I rather think he spends more time trying to woo the ladies than the arcane energies.”

“I simply love the arcane power that I can harness at my fingertips. The only thing I may love more is my study of it, my control of it, my recording and learning of it. I have tomes of notes, all full to the brim with my learnings in my magical studies. I record my spells on scrolls, capture them in any way I can and have them always at the ready.”

“Oh, what’s that I’m holding? A simple walking stick, nothing more. Don’t pay any heed to that dragon claw at the top. It’s decorative, really. And the crystal orb in it? That’s just a polished river rock, I assure you. What would a country bumpkin wizard like me be doing with anything fanciful? No, no, you might however want to go hit up Alastor, he has a good bit of wealth I hear…”

Iris P. Coralstar III

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