Jason "Golem" Greyfin

Bowman of the Westwood


5’9", tan skinned, brown, almond-shaped eyes and brown hair. Hair is mid-length, and a bit shaggy.

Typically wears brown, green, or black clothing, and is almost always wearing a long, charcoal grey cloak.

Bad with people in general, but those who have an understanding of him know that his social clumsiness is meant well. He has a very hard time talking to people for the first time, and will clam up for no reason.

Fights from afar, and sets traps rather than directly engages in combat. Avoids deciding whether to fight or not, and more takes on the requess of others to fulfill a goal.

Capable, strong and hearty, the Golem is well versed in handling himself. His teamwork could use some improvement though.

Neutral Good Ranger of Erastil.


Jason is your typical woodsman, capable and handy in any wild situation. His social skills are a bit sub par as a result, but that doesn’t hurt his relationships with his friends and those he trades with regularly. His parents both live in Honeyvale, a nice couple by the names of Elentheliel and Sarah Greyfin. They run the town bakery, and never could understand why their only boy loved playing out in the woods alone so much. His mother always pinned it on his elven blood.

He was trained by the hunter Ben Spar, a man who is now in his 60s and retired from hunting. Ben stills goes out into the Westwoods periodically to check his traps, and he loves to tell stories about how he fought a dire bear with his bare hands, but otherwise, Jason’s mentor is retired.

Jason himself is stalwart, and very capable of handling an emergency himself. He is always level-headed, and always know a good course of action to take.

He earned the nickname golem from his friends. There was a contract out to take down a sick dire wolf in the area that was stealing livestock and harming farmers. Many a hunter went into the wood to find the wolf, but none could keep up with it, track it, or catch it. Jason, through his steel resolve, stayed awake in a tree for 3 days and nights, waiting for the wolf to pass by on its hunting trail. He was given a magic arrow by a good friend, and in a single (arguably lucky) shot, he felled the beast.

Jason seeks to adventure in order to grow in his hunting prowess, seeking to someday surpass his mentor, and to keep up with his friends, who often get into a bit more trouble than he does. He regularly sends money home to his parents from his adventuring, who always appreciate the extra income. His mom keeps asking when he’ll settle down with a nice girl though…

Jason "Golem" Greyfin

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