Genius Thiefdame


5’7", blonde hair, blue eyes, and milky white skin.

Dressed comfortable, often in a slick grey trousers, a white blouse with a dark red vest, and a smooth, polished black belt with polished boots to match. when she wears a cloak, it is always black, with a red scarf.

An excellent listener, Rosana refrains from speaking unless there is a reason to. A running mouth reveals many secrets, an open ear learns many.

Fantastic in combat, capable with a light rapier, and always able to avoid getting too caught up. Doesn’t take a hit well though. Prefers to come in before everyone, or a bit after everyone in the combat, depending on when she can best press her advantage.

Brilliant socially, pleasant personally, and a bit too friendly.

Neutral Good Rogue, no particular religion.


“Fox” describes Rosana in a single word. Both gorgeous and cunning, Rosana knows what she’s got and, even better, knows how to use it. Quick on her toes, and quick with her tongue, the young thiefdame has gotten herself into and out of many a tight situation. This is why she’s known as the (second) best in Honeyvale.

Traditionally Rosana does contract work. Though her title has the word “thief” in it, the thiefdame doesn’t take on illegal activities. The work often requires the same skill set of a thief, but a thiefdame never actually crosses the legal line, as it would plunge their trade into suspicion, and damage their reputation as a whole. If a thiefdame has been revealed to be corrupt, other thiefdames will enter into the area to resolve the issue. Many a corrupt thiefdame will find themselves joining a convent, or simply mysteriously vanishing after a few days of being revealed.

A thiefdame often is used to catch actual thieves. Additionally they are used as negotiators, plotters, schemers, tacticians and general problem solvers. Information gathering, networking and general investigation are also common trades plied by the thiefdame, and they have their network of fellow thiefdames to tap into at any time.

Rosana’s aunt, Eleanora, is the best thiefdame to have ever lived in the greater Westwood area. She raised Rosana herself, and cared for her all her life. Though a thiefdame never truly retires, Eleanora is currently the owner and manager of the Green Lapis Inn, located in Honeyvale.

Rosana runs a side business, where she manages loans for individuals, on fairly favorable terms. She is good with money, and a good judge of when a loan is worth making, and when a loan request is worth rejecting. She pools most of her money earned from being a thiefdame into this work. Her aunt manages the loans while Rosana is away, and takes care of any problems (for a small fee, of course.)

While very good at her work, Rosana’s personal life is a bit less orderly. She is in and out of relationships with men, always a casual fling for her, and as a result has left a long line of broken-hearted gentleman suitors from the Westwood to the Drake Seas. Additionally,all of the domestic female skills common to a woman in Honeyvale escape Rosana. She’s better at managing her business than managing her home.


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