Monk of Peace


6’2", light skinned, bluish-grey eyes and light haired. Head is shaved to the skin.

Typically wears light, clean garb of a dark color.

Good with people, polite and civil, and seeks to make peace in confrontations.

Quick to defend his friends, and even quicker to defend the innocent.

Average strength, smart, charming and quick on his toes.

Lawful Good monk of Sarenrae.


Sithel is a man who in his youth was a thief, an embezzler and a cheat. He was living a pretty harsh life, where he slowly became wrapped up in himself. One day a job went bad though, one where he was stealing documents from a church to blackmail the priest. A paladin was in the church at the time, and noticed him slinking about. One two, one two, and through and through, with a nasty snicker snack, the thief was cut down and the papers taken back. A strange thing happened then. The paladin then took Sithel in, healed him, cared for him, and softened him. She taught him the paths of Sarenrae, and he converted. Now he seeks to go about the land, and spread the same peace he was granted to others.

He is a well-spoken individual, who uses his speaking skills gained from a prior way of living to help him in dealing with the problems and challenges he faces in his new life. He will seek to negotiate before engaging in combat, but once discussions are closed, he firmly sets a path to strike down that which stands in his path.

His mother fled soon after having him, and her whereabouts are unknown. His father is an alcoholic, living in Coldvine, a town a scant three miles to the east of Honeyvale. Sithel regularly sends money to a church there, to feed and care for his father’s health. All attempts to rehabilitate him have failed to date.

Sithel adventures to help the people of the Drakeling plains. He believes in redemption for all and metes out justice whenever he finds a problem needing his aid. He is a bit foolish in how he stills see things as very black and white, but in a land like this, there is still much darkness for him to deal with before coming to grips with such moral ambiguity.


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