Vanessa Seasinger

Cleric of Sarenrae, Order of the Healing Fire


5’0", strawberry blonde hair, soft, green eyes and a warm smile that lights you up.

Often dressed in whites and reds, with a bit of golden trim. Typical robes of a strong follower of Sarenrae. Will some times wear a brown cloak with red trim when traveling.

Will pray regularly, seeking only to grow closer to Sarenrae. Will help others and investigate evil doings, always trying to turn others to a path of redemption.

Supports well in combat. Does not actively engage, and has a slight edge of fear, but uses the strength of her faith to stomach the dangers of combat.

Wise beyond her years and incredibly charming. A bit slow on understanding things, and a bit soft when it comes to actual physical efforts, but healthy as can be.

Lawful Good Cleric of Sarenrae.


Vanessa would be what one would immediately think of as a “cutesy girl”. It would be hard to argue against it, with her soft, childlike features, and her long, well kept hair. Young, Vanessa is an incredibly gifted cleric, always thus far able to gain great favor with her goddess, Sarenrae. She is the youngest to ever gain entry into the Order of the Healing Fire, and is nearly beyond the rank of novitiate, a task that would usually take a person four years to complete, and she is managing it in less than one.

The core of her faith are her parents, sailors both. Strong-willed, and challenging the sea, they never once doubted that their faith would carry them forward. Vanessa learned well from them, and with their travels in her youth, she came to learn of Sarenrae from those she met. Her interest grew, until one day her faith was solidified, as the golden hound archon of Sarenrae appeared before her on the port side of the ship one night, and enlightened her to the risks of an oncoming storm. She told her parents, they directed the ship on a new course and narrowly avoided a horrific storm. Upon reaching shore, Vanessa’s parents, at Vanessa’s request, and with much deliberation, visited a convent to discuss with the priestesses if her wishes to join should be fulfilled. Upon entering the archway of the shrine the gold archon hound, Charlabu, again appeared, and they knew immediately that it was a sign that she should enter into the convent in faith and thanks.

A few years passed, and a terrible incident happened. A plague descended upon the convent, one that was clearly of a supernatural nature. Only Vanessa remained untouched. After burying the last of her sisters, and selling the shrine to a devoted follower of Sarenrae, she left, deciding to wander the world and try to seek evil, that it may be cleansed.

In her travels, she grew to know a noble paladin and a strong willed monk. The three of them currently live in Honeyvale, living together in community and growing in their respective faiths. She doesn’t care for the monk as much as she does the paladin, who she looks up to like an older sister.

Vanessa spends much of her time in town, helping others and working part time at the bakery. They let her take the leftovers and feed the hungry, and give her a reasonable payment as well. Sarah Greyfin in particular loves her like a daughter.

Vanessa is always growing in her faith and working to bring others closer to the light. She struggles with understanding the problems of the world, as the tangible can escape her at times.

Vanessa Seasinger

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