The Crownless Queen

The Crystal Disc
Session 6

Player NameCharacter Name

This session was GM-ed by Nick.

The party started off in Honeyvale. The Guildmaster tells them of an artifact for which Lord Dranwell has been searching. He tasks the party with retrieving the artifact from an abandoned mine to the Southwest before Dranwell can obtain it. Hoping to learn more about this mine, they asked around town for anyone who might remember working in the mine. They are directed to the house of a crotchety old man, and they manage to get him to draw a map of what he remembers of the mine. He mentions that they were never able to expand the third level further than is depicted on the map (pictured below).

When the party reaches the mine, the sun has set, so they are able to see a flickering light and hear very faint voices coming from the entrance to the mine. Jason sneaks up to see what was going on, and he learns that the two mercenaries who are conversing are the only ones there currently; more are expected the following day. One gets up to relieve himself, and Jason attempts to silently grapple him. After a failed attempt, the rest of the party rushes in to help kill the mercenaries.

Once the mercenaries have been dealt with, the party drags the bodies down the entrance corridor of the mine until they reach the elevator. After dropping the bodies down the elevator shaft, they are able to get the elevator moving without much effort. They decide to head straight for the third floor, but between the second and third floors, the elevator gets stuck. After a bit of effort, they are able to turn the crank very slowly until it snaps off and the elevator starts falling rapidly down the shaft. It crashes through the wooden bottom of the shaft, the elevator breaks apart, and the party find themselves hurtling towards an underground lake.

After hitting the lake and swimming to shore, the party notices that the walls of the cavern are glowing and there’s a very bright light coming from a point in the the distance. The party makes their way to the bright light, but as they get closer they notice hundreds of creatures following them, just outside their field of vision. As they get even closer to the light, the creatures begin growing restless and start getting closer to the party. The party decides to make a break for the light, and are able to reach it unscathed. They pass through an archway and find themselves in a room composed completely of brightly glowing crystal. In the center of the room, there is a flattened out protruding crystal on which is set a small disc made of crystal. After some deliberation, they remove the disc. The crystals in the room gradually become dark, and the party feels like they are falling through the air.

Next thing they know, they are lying on their backs outside the entrance to the mine. The disc is lying on the ground beside them. Wanting to clear out before the new group of mercenaries arrive, they hurry back to Honeyvale. On their way, they notice people intentionally avoiding them for some reason. When they get to Honeyvale, they are immediately approached by a group of guards. The leader of that group tries to arrest the party for crimes they committed, such as murder and robbery. They demand to see the Guildmaster, insisting that he sent them on a mission to retrieve an artifact. However, when they go get him, he says that he never gave them such a mission, and all he knows of them concerns their evil deeds.

As they’re talking, Alicia comes out of the Adventure’s Guild, and although she insists that she’s never met any of the party (even Vanessa), the guards release control of the party to her, and she takes them to see a man whom she describes as being a shaman, of sorts. She tells the party of a vision she had from Sarinrae that she was to lead a group of evil-doers claiming to be good to this shaman.

After the party tells the shaman the story of their adventure, he says that they are from another reality. Their counterparts from the current reality are evil beings, and they must have been transported to the party’s reality when the party was transported to this one. He tells them that they need to get back to their reality to stop their counterparts. He says that if they return the disc to the crystal pedestal, they should be transported back to their reality.

The party hurries back to the chamber within the abandoned mine without any trouble (they do notice a few minor changes on the way) and replace the disc upon the crystal pedestal. This time, the crystals in the room begin to glow brighter and brighter until the party is essentially blinded. They feel as if they are being pulled forward by a hook in their navel, and next thing they know, they are once more lying face up in front of the mine entrance. The crystal disc is nowhere to be seen.

The party rushes back to Honeyvale and immediately run into their counterparts on entering the town. The two parties engage in combat, and the real party notices glowing red metal necklaces around their counterparts’ necks. After a very close battle, the real party emerge victorious, and Natalia runs up to them. She informs them that the Guildmaster has been kidnapped, and she leads them back to the Adventurer’s Guild so they can formulate some sort of plan.

The crystal's illusion
Session 3

Session 3

January 12 2013

Patrick, Iris
John, Alastor
Nick, Alisha
Kevin, Gavin
Chris, Grim

Gideon, Gm and Jason Npc

The players were on a rescue mission to retrieve Vanessa who had been kidnapped by a group of cloaked bandits. They found themselves in a strange cave that seemed to be completely made of magic. Inside they found the chief counselor to The Lord of Dranwell, who told them Dranwell was in imminent danger, and that they must move quickly. Clearly more than just Vanessa was at stake. The cave was fraught with illusions if all kind, beasts never before seen, and a large imprisoned troll. Often things were not what they seemed, including the chief counselor himself, who turned out to be a powerful wizard who tricked them to this place as a diversion. Using the power of a giant crystal, this place had entirely been an illusion placed around the ruins of old Dranwell castle. After destroying the crystal, all returned to normal, but it was too late, Dranwell had been usurped by the wizard and his group. Many questions remain unanswered, but not much can be done…yet.

Tracking the Money Cow
Session 1

The following players were present and playing the following characters for the session:

Gideon Alastor
Patrick Jason
Chris Sithel
Nick Iris
Ryan Cinder
Kevin Vanessa
John Gavon

The session was GMed by me, Bill.

They started off in Honeyvale, with everyone but Alastor starting at the adventurer’s guild. Alastor is making his way there, searching for his cousin Iris to congratulating him on passing his wizard test. On his way there a farmer runs by, and goes charging into the door of the fairly quiet adventurer’s guild. He starts ranting about how his magical cow is stolen, and after a bit of reluctance, and Alastor joining the group, they decide to set off for farmer David’s farm to further investigate the incident.

Once there, they discover two things – tracks leading away from the farmer’s barn which Jason identifies to number between 3 and 8 people, plus one cow, and in the barn they find a bucket of what Iris identifies to be alchemical silver, which they deduce to be the cow’s product. They follow the tracks and come to the Westwood.

The group hears a sound, and Jason, Sithel and Vanessa all sneak to the front and check out what is going on. There is a group of people up ahead that can be heard. One of the party members is too loud, and the people ahead go quiet, and shout to find out where the noise is coming from. There is a tense 20-30 secounds where they’re looking for the party, until finally a pair of bandits can be seen coming out of the trees. Quickly combat is bridged, with one enemy being slain, and two enemies fleeing the scene. The party takes a prisoner at the end of the combat, and uses him to give chase. They discover at the camp site fresh wagon tracks leading away. Cinder the barbarian, Alastor the sorcerer and Jason the ranger give extended chase, and Cinder eventually runs up behind the wagon, climbs on, and with a great leap bludgeons the driver, and brings the wagon to a halt.

Alastor and Jason catch up, and bring the wagon back to the party. Alastor accidentally destroys a book when he tries to open it in his hands, and finds half of a pair of magical bracelets. They all bring the wagon back to the farmer, forgetting to deal with the bandits they defeated in the woods who are stabilized and looted. Alastor takes the unconscious wizard to the sheriff and collect a reward. Jason and Cinder take the horses. Sithel asks the farmer for a walking stick as a reward, and back at the adventurer’s guild Alastor divies up the reward money to everyone but Iris, using Iris’s money to buy a round for everyone.

Total bandits slain: 1
Total bandits defeated: 6
Total black market wizards turned over to the authorities: 1
Total magical cows saved: 1

Stephen has agreed to GM the next session, December the 15th.


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