General Information

Honeyvale is a small township of just over 900 people. It is right on the cusp of being an actual city. Founded approximately 50 years ago, it is the closest town in the area to the Westwood Forest. People here are typically dairy or wheat farmers, favoring trading to the villages to the east.

Notable Businesses
Notable Sites
  • The Town Green
  • Westwood
  • Wallace Clipton Statue
Relative Location

Honeyvale is located approximately 6 miles to the west of Coldvine, 10 miles to the southwest of Southbridge, and 12 miles to the west of Greyhaven. It is approximately 20 miles to the northeast of Felhill, 40 miles to the south of Dranwell, and 70 miles to the southeast of Dursthome.

The Westwood is directly to the west, and the Drake Seas are about 40 miles to the east. The Silverwood River runs about 30 miles north of Honeyvale, and about 4 miles to the east, looping around the Drakeling Plains villages before it dumps out into the Drake Seas to the east.


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